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Intlang Corporate Consulting Pty Ltd (also known as "Intlang") is a Western Australian company established in 2009.  Intlang offers specialised cross cultural communication services to clients in Australia. We also assist clients identify new business opportunities in local and international markets, break down cultural barriers, pool best resources (value, strength and business practice) to achieve ultimate marketing outcomes.  

Intlang Group has two affiliated business entities:

1. Intlang - specialised in cross cultural marketing and language services; 

2. The International College of Communication (also known as "ICC") specialised in cross cultural training services.

Intlang Group is an elite member of The Australian Association of International Business (also known as “AAIB”). AAIB is a not-for-profit association promoting cultural experience and international business engagement.   

Vertical Events and ATL Events are Intlang's long-term event partners. Vertical Events is the premier mining and resources conference organising company in Australia. Since establishment in 1998, Vertical Events has organised and implemented some of the largest and most renowned mining and resources conferences in the country. ATL Events offers production management, technical, communication and administrative support to various types of corporate and community events. Intlang works closely with both companies when delivering international events in Western Australia and overseas countries.

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