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5 Reasons to Learn Mandarin for your Business and Career - Chinese Marketing in Perth

So, you’re thinking about learning Mandarin and you’re wondering, “is the time and effort really worth it?”

Will it enhance your career prospects and look good on your resume?

Will your boss send you overseas to liaise with the big decision makers in China? Perhaps a promotion?

Or maybe you’re a business owner and in peak tourist season you observe hordes of Chinese tourists hop off their white coaches and hurry through your air-conditioned sliding doors (we all know what this looks like).

Slightly overwhelmed, you’re surrounded by the confusion of foreign chatter and inevitable language barriers.

Ever thought how much more value you could add to your business by knowing a few words of Chinese?

Chinese is the world’s most spoken language. Surpassing English, more than 1.2 billion people speak Mandarin. Furthermore, China accounts for a fifth of the world’s total population.

Closer to home, Tourism WA has a long-term goal, aiming to attract 100,000 visitors to the state and spend $500 million dollars whilst they’re here. **Still reading, business owners? **


SO, Why shouldn’t you learn Chinese?


ICC has narrowed down the 5 top reasons why learning Mandarin is great for your career and business.

1)      Knowing Mandarin = Understanding how Chinese think

Beyond just transcending language barriers, when you begin learning Mandarin, you also start undoubtedly learning about Chinese culture. You will gain a unique understanding of how Chinese people operate. Values, beliefs and expectations are uncovered and suddenly your questions have answers.

For example; Chinese business life and social life are one of the same. Business is discussed comfortably away from the office with close friends and family. This is because Chinese people are big on trust (Guanxi). If your Chinese associates or colleagues seem difficult to work with, consider this as the reason.  

Considering that China is also the fastest growing consumer market, having the skills to communicate and understand how Chinese consumers operate is an enormous advantage.

2)      Enhance profits, save money and help expansion

If you can speak a basic level of Chinese, chances are you won’t feel the need to specifically hire a Mandarin-fluent staff member, especially when learning Chinese is easier than you think.  

Chinese people appreciate effort. Even a “Ni Hao” – Hello, or “Xie Xie”- Thank you, will be rewarded with beaming smiles.

Learning Chinese will also remove the need for translators, decreasing business expenditure and as these skills are rare, expect to be reciprocated with heightened career prospects (or watch as more coaches drive in).

3)      Build strong relationships

As previously mentioned, the notion of ‘Guanxi’ or trust is crucial for effective Chinese business negotiations. Meetings and social events will always be prearranged in China before any business talk takes place. The foundations of trust must be cemented.

If you’re in China for business, the ability to speak in the native tongue will prove valuable. This shows respect, breaking down awkward language barriers and omitting the complete reliance on a translator.

Whilst a translator will still be necessary to fully interpret important business conversations, your ability to have a friendly dialog during social events prior, such as your appreciation for China, your experience in the country and general chit-chat- will be highly praised.

ICC’s China business language courses give you the skills you need to engage in such conversations.

4)      Economic super-power

China is the largest manufacturing economy and exporter of goods, has a GDP of $10.9 trillion and is a major international trading partner. In other words, China has the power and influence to shape global narratives.

Speaking Chinese also means an easier time accessing some of the world’s most important cities for business and expansion (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan). Could you be a Chinese speaking expat?

Basically, learning Chinese has never been more important.

5)      E-commerce and social media marketing

Navigating Chinese social media is challenging, though enormously rewarding. Successful engagement with Chinese consumer markets is the pinnacle of success for foreign businesses.

Statistics published by the National Bureau of Statistics highlight that consumption will remain as the vehicle behind China’s economic growth (attributed to a rise in income, better education and standards of living within Chinese main cities).

The confidence of engaging with target markets in Mandarin on these platforms, and the ability to discuss, share products and read opinions would be invaluable for any business conducting market research.

Facebook who?

Because Chinese have their own unique social media platforms with millions of users, small business owners ought to pay attention to what is happening on these sites. With the skills of speaking Mandarin in hand, promoting your business just became easier.  


The surface of reasons as to why learning Mandarin is great for your career and business has only just been scratched. When you can speak Chinese, the possibilities are endless.

Forget what you’ve heard, learning Mandarin is easier than you think!

Intlang can provide you with fun, informative, engaging and practical courses in business Mandarin lessons through the International College of Communication (ICC).

Courses are fully customised to reflect business situations.

Even better, ICC offer face-to-face, group and online training, to suit your busy schedule.

For more information contact us today.