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How to Impress in Chinese Business

In today’s modern business climate we meet new people in order to grow out networks and business opportunities.

During a first meeting, successful first impressions will guide us through to future meetings or cease a relationship in it’s tracks.

Furthermore, when meeting someone for the first time, particularly someone from a foreign country, it is important to recognise any potential cultural differences, norms and expectations.

That’s why Intlang Marketing have brainstormed 7 crucial considerations for executives conducting foreign business.

  1. Incorporate language (both spoken and written) that is easily understood by your target audience. It is vital to have at least a limited understanding of the language and culture of your country of visit.

  2. Be clear and concise. Take into consideration that your audience are from different political, commercial and social systems. Explain your point to avoid cultural confusion. Whilst tedious, the benefits of this diversity, result in receiving acknowledgment and feedback from unique perspectives.

  3. Avoid technical jargon during the first meeting. (There will be time for that later).

  4. Be Personable. Executives often convey a sense of strict professionalism which can be intimidating and uncomfortable. Relax. In China especially, people wish to first find out who, what, where, why and how before going straight into business talk. In other words, don’t be robotic!

  5. Culture and psychology are equally important in this process- for example, people from a culture of individualism are more comfortable with uncertainties than those from a culture of collectivism. Other cultural elements include accents, speech pace, personality and dress code.

  6. Be over prepared for your first meetings. You never know what questions will be asked.

  7. Research, research and more research! Look into your target audience as much as possible. Your conversations will flow naturally if you know what to ask. Illustrating awareness is also always flattering.

Whether it be in Australia or abroad in China, these points should never stray too far from your approach to first meetings.

Intlang Marketing are experts in Chinese marketing and consumer engagement. We also deliver customised Chinese language and culture courses, specifically tailored to the business environment. For more information on how you can benefit from the promising Chinese market, contact Intlang Marketing today.

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