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How Has China Changed? Chinese Marketing Perth


China has become an exciting market for business. Once firmly embedded in the negative stigma for mass-producing poor-quality goods, China has come leaps and bounds in its advancements. To think that the ‘Made in China’ stigma still applies would be grossly misunderstanding the relevance in which China holds in today’s global economy.

China is huge: To keep up with the demand of the 1.3 billion people living within its borders, China has developed at a rapid pace. The development of 5G and world power tech companies like Huawei have helped generate this shift, with China firmly cemented as a global player in technology, electronic and luxury brands. ‘Made in China’ is no longer a connotation for poor quality.

Consumer demand: Perhaps most notable in demanding global relevance is the development of 5G technology. High bandwidth, low delay speeds and a huge connection range will transform the mobile technology world. In fact, China’s investment in the technology will exceed $185 billion dollars by 2025.

Five years ago, Huawei was an unknown entity in the Western mobile market. Today, Huawei confidently rivals the likes of Apple and Samsung for its user experience and functionality. This should really come as no surprise given that of China’s 800 million internet users, 98% use their mobiles to access the internet, calling for a demand in superior performance and innovation.


Global innovation: Most recently, China’s building of the world’s most powerful laser radar in order to study the Earth’s solar shield has captured headlines. An evident vehicle illustrating innovation, the radar is hoped to assist scientist study particles in Earth’s atmosphere, reducing abnormal solar activities.

These innovations are just a fraction of what else should be acknowledged for being proudly Chinese driven. China has become an innovation centre and end user market, where businesses and brands alike are playing close attention to what is produced next (and so should you).

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Gloria Zhang