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How to Really Impress Chinese Tourists- Learn Chinese in Perth

Australia is the fasted growing and valuable tourism market for Chinese visitors. Despite this though, a study from Curtin University Perth, found that of the 22 tourism operators surveyed, a staggering 77 per cent did not have any Asian language skills or training, and that 44 per cent had no training or experience in the Asian market.

Businesses that rely on tourism must ask themselves:

How does this impact the quality of experience for Australia’s and the world’s most travel orientated demographic?

Did you know, by 2030 it is expected that there will be 1.8 billion Chinese international tourists.

3 Tips to Enhance Positive Engagement with Chinese Tourists:

Authentic interactions: Tangible and intangible cultural interactions provide genuine exchanges between you and your Chinese target market. Bilingual marketing materials distributed in hotel rooms, tour coaches or within your local business are appreciated, as will providing small personalised gifts to really drive those positive word of mouth reviews within Chinese travel communities.

More important than these tools however, is your ability to speak the basics in Chinese language, Mandarin.

Despite common perceptions, learning Chinese is much easier than you think. Knowing a few words such as ‘Thank you’- Xie Xie, or ‘Hello’- Ni Hao, will make your customers feel at ease, and generate instant respect and praise.

Think Chinese social media: Direct marketing tactics will fail to impress. Consider integrating custom experiences for your consumers.

We’ve all seen Chinese tourists pose confidently for that perfect photo.

Utilise this behaviour by thinking creatively about how you can market your brand through shareable social media-friendly content. Chinese marketing tools such as WeChat and Weibo will also be far more beneficial than Western marketing platforms.

For assistance in Chinese social media platforms, contact Intlang Marketing for friendly assistance.

Go beyond understanding: Understanding your target market is self-explanatory. To go beyond this is the true measure of success. Consider how your Chinese customers are travelling. Do they hire personal cars? Book with group travel packages? or travel solo?

Trends today illustrate that independent travellers are more popular that past large tour groups. Dive between the needs of luxury experiences and an authentic Australian cultural experience because we guarantee that your Chinese customer expects the best of both worlds.

For customised advice on all your Chinese marketing needs, including culture and language training, contact Intlang today.

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