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The Most Important Skill in Chinese Marketing- Chinese Marketing in Perth

Whilst marketing agencies will boast the ability to tap into leading Chinese platforms, the most important, rewarding and crucial skill for really leaving a lasting impression lies in direct communication and can only be spoken by you.

Chinese social media you need to know:

WeChat: The pinnacle for marketing communication strategies, WeChat pushes high quality content through your following. The more followers, the more reach. Simple.

Weibo: China’s version of Twitter. Weibo is utilised by brands and consumers alike to push product updated and engage with followers.

Baidu: Google who? The search engine doesn’t exist in China. Baidu is China’s equivalent and leading search engine. This is essential to note if you are constructing a Chinese version of your website.

QR Codes: China is fast becoming a cashless economy by dominating the word in online mobile payments (more than 97 billion transactions). These payments are made through QR Codes linked through WeChat.

The most important skill of all?

Effective cross cultural communication in Chinese speaking markets requires cultural intelligence. Therefore, the ability to boast basic Mandarin language skills during your first business meeting will be highly appreciated and advantageous.

Intlang’s affiliated company, ICC, have up to 80 chapters of business Mandarin language courses for beginners now available online. Each chapter contains supporting voice overs to ensure accurate pronunciation, can be downloaded, and is mobile friendly.

The benefit: Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

Unlike most language courses, ICC course content is tailored specifically for businesses and executives with chapter topics including; business card etiquette, office hierarchy structures, business meeting formalities, as well as how to formally introduce yourself and your colleagues.

Intlang Marketing are specialists in Chinese engagement. For assistance on accessing this influential market, contact Intlang today.

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