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As globalisation continues, businesses evolve from local business to international companies engaging the world with opportunities beyond traditional boundaries. This adds complexities to the corporate life in managing the differences in languages, cultures, business practice and jurisdictions.  

Nevertheless, a business can gain advantages from foreign exchange, efficient use of domestic resources and productivity. This also creates growth, employment opportunities, profits and business diversification.

Intlang’s dynamic marketing and management services help Australian businesses to access Asia, integrating growth strategies to overseas market features and development opportunities, establishing a sustainable growth model.


International Marketing

Did you know?

  • Many organisations are trying to enter a foreign market without thorough market research

  • It is risky to simply apply or adopt current marketing strategy to a foreign market

  • Cultural intelligence is an essential part of international marketing

  • Extensive works are required in creating international marketing strategies but can be very rewarding

  • Primary researchers are more important than desktop research in international marketing

  • How to prepare a international marketing budget 

  • How to start a market entry and create sustained energy




International Business Management

Did you know?

  • Language is not the only barrier in international business communication

  • To facilitate a business engagement or negotiation may take more than interpretations and translations

  • Successful international business management starts with good cultural intelligence

  • Most of time managing an international business is about people

  • We all need to focus on foreign market than thinking how successful you are at home

  • Those who can make the best of foreign partners’ resources achieve the most

  • Cross cultural communication is in the essential part of daily life