Corporate Consulting
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Helping businesses overcome language & cultural barriers

Our Chinese Marketing Services


Bilingual documents

Bilingual reports, newsletters, brochures, flyers and other marketing and advertising documents, including graphic design.

events in asia

We partner with your organisation to plan and organise special events targeting the Chinese community in WA and in Asian countries (China, Hong Kong and Singapore).


We meet, discuss and plan a proposal based on your business needs. Proposals allow for customised strategy plans. No work goes ahead unless both parties are pleased with the foreseeable tactics and outcomes.

Chinese & online social media

Design and create bilingual websites. Intlang use Chinese social media, WeChat and WeiBo platforms to attract users and improve your brand reputation.

translation & interpretation services

Intlang multicultural staff understand the power of language in business communication. Language services are our core business.

Chinese market research

Conduct special purpose Chinese market research, prepare business analysis on projects, products and services for market entry.

business advisory services

Effective communication is better than negotiation. We can assist your cross cultural negotiations and business development in China.